Shirlee Holmes, 221 Baker Street, San Francisco - The Sutro Murder Case
Introducing a New Sherlock Holmes Character!

Sherlock Holmes' tempestuous granddaughter, Shirlee, started out as a law student, and then found herself accepting a job in journalism.  Her editor gave her the assignment to cover the grand opening of San Francisco's new Sutro Hotel and Baths, which is several blocks away from her home on 221 Baker Street - A beautiful house situated high on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Shirlee arrives at the hotel moments after the police department has concluded their investigation of a crime committed in the hotel's museum.  Shirlee unexpectedly turns up vital evidence missed by the police.  Then, while photographing the ocean beyond the Cliff House, she discovers a dead body our on the Seal Rocks.

Realizing that Shirlee is on to him, the killer stalks her, her home is burglarized, a series of "accidents" makes her life a nightmare, and her dangerous opponent makes it clear that he is willing to kill in order to keep his identity hidden.

Shirlee reaches back into her past and recalls a case that her grandfather, Sherlock Holmes, was involved in.  It was very similar to the gruesome events taking place at the Sutro Hotel.  With Dr. Jaan Watson at her side, Shirlee outsmarts the killer, and solves the multi-faceted case that shocked and terrified the two women.

About the author:  Claire Hartman lives in Mission Viejo, California with her husband, Dr. B.J. Hartman, who is also an author.  Since she was born and raised in California, she is quite familiar with the areas mentioned in the book.  She is now working on another story featuring Shirlee Holmes.

Oversized softcover.

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